Guillaume Vincent, author of getbetterdevops.io
Just me!

Hi πŸ‘‹ and welcome aboard!

Back in 2013, I started working as a sysadmin. From wire to wire, I fell in love with Linux and open-source technologies! I spent my free time discovering and testing new tech stacks at home.

It was still the time of physical servers. Cloud computing had not yet taken off everywhere. But, I was feeling lines were moving...

That's when I realized that automation and code would change the game. I started to learn how to code to automate the sysadmin tasks I was doing on a daily basis. It was a little later that the word "DevOps" took off and I was able to put a word to what I was doing.

Now, as a DevOps Engineer, I still continue to learn lovely new things. Through this tech blog, I share with you my discoveries, tutorials, and thoughts around modern infrastructures:

βš“ Cloud-Native technologies & Kubernetes

☁️ Cloud Computing: AWS, GCP, Azure, and others!

βš™οΈ Infrastructure as Code (IaC) : Terraform, Ansible, etc..

πŸ“Š Observability: Metrics, Logs & Traces

πŸ—οΈ Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD)

See you soon! ✍️